Minki Chun

cna81136 [at] uos.ac.kr

Short Bio

Minki Chun is a masters student in Computer Science at University of Seoul, Korea. He received his B.S. degree in Information Communication Engineering from Dongguk University, Korea, in 2020. His research interests include deep learning, explainable AI, and user experience. He is a recipient of the Hyundai AutoEver (Barrier Free App Development Contest) Excellent Prize and ACM SIGCHI Gary Marsden Travel Awards.


  • Masters student in Computer Science, University of Seoul from 2020.
  • B.S. Information Communication Engineering, Dongguk University, 2020.

Employment History

  • Research Intern, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Lab (HCAIL), University of Seoul, Seoul, Korea from Feb. 2020.
  • Teaching Assistant (Discrete Mathematics, Programming Language), University of Seoul, Seoul, Korea from Mar. 2020 to June 2021.
  • Teaching Assistant (Visual Programming), Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea from Sep. 2019 to Dec. 2019.
  • Intern in Human Resource Department, Korea Invention Promotion Association, Seoul, Korea from Jan. 2018 to Feb. 2018.

Professional Activities

  • Student Volunteer Chair, SIGCHI Korea Local Chapter Summer Event 2022.
  • Student Volunteer, ACM FAccT 2022.
  • Student Volunteer, ACM IUI 2021.

Honors & Awards

  • Excellence Prize, Hyundai AutoEver Barrier Free App Development Contest, 2022.
  • University of Seoul Travel Grant, 2021.
  • Gary Marsden Travel Awards, ACM SIGCHI, 2021.

For more information, visit Chun’s personal website.